Phillipsburg native Christina Wilson calling Gordon Ramsay’s Las Vegas restaurant home | Published November 11, 2012 in the The Express-Times

Horace Jenkins, Palmer Township resident and former NBA player, recalls going undrafted | Published July 1, 2012 in The Express-Times

Plainfield Farmers’ Fair baked goods judging offers diet detour | Published July 25, 2012 in The Express-Times

Slate Belt on display in Bangor native’s mixed martial arts bout in Atlantic City | Published April 15, 2012 in The Express-Times

Nazareth man rising to the top of the mixed martial arts world | Published December 11, 2011 in The Express-Times

Roseto veteran awarded Bangor Area High School diploma at 91 | Published July 7, 2012 in The Express-Times

Lehigh Portland Cement Company quarry explosion remembered 70 years later | Published March 25, 2012 in The Express-Times

Martins Creek musician looks to bring communities together with Belvidere performance | Published April 23, 2012 in The Express-Times

Palmer Township cancer survivor chooses Relay for Life event over birthday party | Published June 10, 2012 in The Express-Times

Bangor Area High School grad aims to make history on Tour de France circuit | Published June 28, 2012 in The Express-Times

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