Sports reporting

My father took me to my first Yankee game in the Bronx when I was 5-years old. Since then, I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a sports junkie.

I’ve covered a wide range of professional and amateur sports from both the press box and down on the sidelines. I’ve produced front-page stories on New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter for The Trentonian, spent a football season channeling my inner-Buzz Bissinger as a sportswriter in the Texas Panhandle for The Canadian Record and continue to contribute the occasional sports feature at The Express-Times.

My experiences include fully credentialed reporting of Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC college football from venues such as Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX and AT&T Jones Stadium in Lubbock, TX.

TRENTON THUNDER: Jeter’s first rehab game goes swimmingly | Published July 2, 2011 in The Trentonian

TRENTON THUNDER: Yankees star Derek Jeter set to take the field for the Thunder | Published July 2, 2011 in The Trentonian

Penn State football coach Bill O’Brien vows to keep tradition alive in Happy Valley | Published May 8, 2012 in The Express-Times

Horace Jenkins, Palmer Township resident and former NBA player, recalls going undrafted | Published July 1, 2012 in The Express-Times

Bangor Area High School grad aims to make history on Tour de France circuit | Published June 28, 2012 in The Express-Times

NJ HIGH SCHOOL TRACK: Patrycja Dziekonska paces strong showing for WW-P North girls at Group III meet | Published June 4, 2011 in The Trentonian

Slate Belt on display in Bangor native’s mixed martial arts bout in Atlantic City | Published April 15, 2012 in The Express-Times

Nazareth man rising to the top of the mixed martial arts world | Published December 11, 2011 in The Express-Times

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